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LaDanez One - Fashion and Image Consulting, Personal Shopper and Closet Auditing

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LaDanez One
Personal Consultation Services


1 hour


Personal Consultation

LaDanez One will review your Client Profile prior to the consultation, set up a meeting at our Style Studio to discuss the profile and desired results and next steps to achieve your desired goals.                                 


1 hour
3 hour maximum shopping session, and follow-up

Personal Style Shopper 1

LaDanez One Personal Shopper will serve as your fashion concierge, providing you with the luxury of shopping with comfort and ease. Yo This service will research the locations that best meet your fashion profile and desired goals.  Travel fees may apply to areas outside of 25 miles of Central Palm Beach County.                                 


pre-consultation 1 hour, personal shopping, in-studio styling & follow up

Personal Style Shopper 2

Danez One Personal Shopper will provide you with the comfort and ease of not having to go to stores and deal with crowds and hustle and bustle of trying to find what you want and need. Once your styles and budgets are determined LaDanez One will do the shopping for you. You’ll meet your fashion concierge at the LaDanez One Style Studio privately for your fitting at a time that’s convenient for you.                                 


pre-consultation 1 hour, pre-set-up, in-store/s shopping session, and follow-up

Closet Audit

No matter your budget you will feel and look like a million dollars. This service will research the locations that best meet your fashion profile and desired goals. An appointment will be set with the fashion concierge at a time that fits your schedule. Prior to your arrival a dressing room will be set up with your wardrobing needs, your Personal Shopper will be on hand as your personal fashion consultant and assistant. 

LaDanez One Services


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