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Mynt Lynx

At Mynt Lynx we promote a healthy balance in the body, which leads to healthy, feminine hormonal balance. Good and bad bacteria co-exsist in the gut. Poor lifestyle choices, free radicals and pollution can cause bad bacteria to overpopulate leading to hormonal imbalances such as: Bacterial Vaginosis, Yeast infections, Anemia, heavy cycles, PMS, fibriods, PCOS and cystic acne. - Charlyn Lowery

Mynt Lynx

Our products use God's wisdom and nature to help our bodies re-populate good bacteria, which promotes healing.

BV Power Pack- 49.99 

Fibriod Power Pack-57.99 

Garlic Pills (Odorless)-12.99 

Fibriod Elixir- 24.99 

Colostrum 30 day supply- 29.99
Colostrum 40 day supply- 37.99


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